Shed-Ease Bath Aid by Zilla

Shed-Ease Bath Aid by Zilla

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Like a spa treatment for a skin-shedding pet. Even in the healthiest terrariums, reptiles can have more trouble shedding their skin than they would in the wild. Shed-Ease makes the process much easier, thanks to a rich formula of aloe vera and other emollients that soften the old skin and add healthy luster to the new. After 20 minutes in a bath of Shed-Ease and water, most old skins slide off easily. Works even for reptiles suffering from stress, poor health, improper diet or a lack of humidity.

Size: 8 oz

Zilla Shed-Ease Reptile Bath helps pet reptiles shed their old skin with ease and comfort. A twenty-minute bath in Shed-Ease and water simplifies the process by softening the outer skin. This helps it slide off easily to make way for healthy new skin to emerge. Shed-Ease is safe even for reptiles that are under stress or in poor health due to improper diet or lack of humidity.

Product Strengths:

  • The rich formula of aloe vera and other emollients facilitates shedding and promotes the development of healthy skin in reptiles
  • In order to grow, reptiles must shed old skin - using Shed-Ease results in the old skin easily sliding off of the reptile
  • Add 10 ml to 16 ounces of water to create a soaking bath for reptiles - 20 Minute soak is like a spa treatment for reptiles
  • Also ideal for animals suffering from poor health or diet, stress or lack of humidity
  • Do not pull off dry skin from a reptile, make sure water level is shallow enough that animal's head is out of the water, never leave soaking reptile unattended

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