Herptivite Multivitamin by Rep-Cal

Herptivite Multivitamin by Rep-Cal

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The first reptile multivitamin formulated without vitamin A, so there's no danger of vitamin A toxicity.

3.3 oz Jar

Nourish your sidekick with precise levels of vitamins and minerals by feeding her Rep-Cal’s Herptivite Reptile Supplement. This multivitamin is specially designed for reptiles and amphibians and contains the antioxidant beta carotene, which is converted into vitamin A. Rep-Cal’s Herptivite sets itself apart from other supplements with its unique sea vegetation base that’s rich in essential trace minerals and elements. Mix this powder with your companion’s favorite food to help her get the quality nutrition she needs!

Herptivite is a complete reptile multivitamin and mineral supplement. It contains beta carotene, which is an antioxidant that is converted into vitamin A in a regulated way, so there's no danger of vitamin A toxicity. Herptivite's formulation contains all natural source ingredients with a base of "sea vegetation", which is rich in essential trace elements and minerals. Developed from the latest findings in reptile and amphibian nutritional research to ensure correct utilization of protein and other essential nutrients for growth, reproduction, maintenance and many aspects of your reptile's bodily functions.

For best results, mix Rep-Cal (sold separately) with Herptivite vitamin supplement. Mix with vegetables, fruits, and pastes approximately 1/2 tablespoon Rep-Cal with 1/2 tablespoon Herptivite per pound of food.

Before feeding insects:

  • Thoroughly mix a 1:1 ratio of Rep-Cal and Herptivite in a plastic bag.
  • Place insects in the bag.
  • Shake slowly until they are completely covered.

Additional Information:
No other supplementation is required. Contains no added starch, sugar, soy preservatives, artificial coloring, flavoring, or fragrance. Consult your veterinarian for any special nutritional problems or advice.

Product Strengths:

  • Crafted with a sea vegetation base to provide your pet with essential trace minerals and elements. 
  • Beta carotene helps reduce the chance of toxicity caused by vitamin A with as it converts into vitamin A in a more regulated manner.
  • Specially formulated for reptiles and amphibians.
  • Contains vitamins, minerals and amino acids to support your pet’s overall health.
  • Simply add it to your favorite food to provide your BFF with the nutrition she needs. 

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