10" Feeding Tongs by Zoo Med

10" Feeding Tongs by Zoo Med

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It can be very fun to enrich your bearded dragon by and feeding, but feeding with just hands may not be a good idea. After all, you don't want to associate your hand with food. This is where Zoo Med's 10" feeding tongs come in! Not only do these tongs keep your animal safe, but they are also more hygienic. With these tongs, one can continue to maintain a great bond with their animals. They are perfect for bearded dragons, other reptiles, and even birds or aquarium fish. 

Product Strengths:
  • Features stainless steel that is long-lasting
  • Enrich your animal by hand feeding, without your hands
  • Keeps your relationship with your pet as a top priority via safe hand feeding
  • Perfect for removing leftover feeders from an enclosure

These 10" tongs are used daily at Cliffhanger Reptiles. From safely removing feeders to hand feeding, these are an essential tool. 

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