What Are Lines?

Bearded dragons come in a variety of colors. With our diverse spectrum of paint jobs comes the variety of names for each color, which is essentially considered a "line." Some breeders refer to yellow dragons as citrus and others call them sunburst. Here at the Cliff, we have founded creative names for our genetic lineup, both for organization and originality. Cliffhanger Reptiles lines include Scarlet Fire, Royal Lemon, Orange Creamsicle, Alaskan Frost, and Lush Jungle. 

We do not cross our lines. In essence, dragons from our "Royal Lemon" line are not related to dragons in our "Scarlet Fire" line (unless otherwise noted). This makes it very easy for other breeders to know what they are receiving from us. They will easily know that dragons that are from 100% different lines can safely be crossed. Furthermore, the unique names allow for industry prominence. This helps us, as breeders, keep bearded genetics strong nationwide.  

Scarlet Fire

Red, red, and more red! Red is a color of extremes. Our "Scarlet Fire" lineup excellently represents this color. These dragons vary from bright red to deep blood-red colorations. The warm essence emanated from these dragons is, well, jaw-dropping. More recently, we have focused on introducing blue bars known as "tiger stripes" into our red dragons. 

Orange Creamsicle

The color orange speaks of happiness, warmth, and benevolence. With this line, we've highlighted the uniqueness of color perception through our channels of genetic awareness. Dragons from our "Orange Creamsicle" line display wonderfully bright colors that complement the hypomelanistic gene. We have worked to incorporate a number of patterns into this line, including blue bars and white stripes. Orange has always been a popular choice among members of the Cliffhanger Reptiles family. 

Royal Lemon

The feeling of the warm sun with a cool breeze is the essence of our "Royal Lemon" line. Yellow or citrus bearded dragons have had a growing popularity in the industry. Long have we perfected this color, and we finally have a yellow that pops! Numerous prior blunders of yellow babies turning tan led us to discover the pathway to true yellow. We'll let you in on an industry secret: bright yellow starts with a hint of orange.  

Alaskan Frost

White bearded dragons have long been sought after, and since the introduction of the zero bearded dragon in Germany a few years ago, true white has been attainable. Our white line consists of normal white, witblits, and zero bearded dragons. We pride ourselves on attaining gorgeous snow-white dragons. The "Alaskan Frost" line has continued to introduce beautiful animals while maintaining core genetic strength. 

Lush Jungle

Green bearded dragons have been unheard of in the industry. However, Cliffhanger Reptiles introduced the world to the first green bearded dragon in 2018. We've continued to perfect our line. Green bearded dragons are in high demand, as we typically sell fewer than ten per year. We hope to continually improve green dragons with time.