Our Facility

Our facility is where the magic happens. Our well-trained care staff is PACCC or CACW advocated, meaning that our reptile family is in the best possible care, 24/7/365. Our bearded dragons are housed in specially designed, high-end, CNC-cut enclosures, which are made out of custom-formulated black PVC. These cages are far superior to glass, melamine, and wood enclosures due to their chemical properties. Unlike melamine, PVC board is completely safe for animals as it doesn't release toxins when heated. In addition, the PVC is easy to clean (contrary to wood enclosures). The sleek design makes for a setup that both the beardies and our staff love.

When dealing with dragons on a large scale like we do, we need to work hard to ensure that each animal gets the care and attention he or she deserves. We hold bearded dragon health as our top priority. The interior of our cages is simple. With bearded dragons, less is more. We provide ample room to climb and bask, in addition to a simple layout that keeps cleaning easy. This has allowed us to be 100% parasite free. We've significantly reduced the chances of unforeseen illnesses. 

For basking bulbs inside of enclosures, we use Intense Basking Bulbs by Zoo Med (sold at CR) and imported high-end heat lamps from Arcadia. Each enclosure has full automated temperature control for incredibly accurate temperatures, which we set to vary throughout the day here at CR. Most of our enclosures feature a 14% T5 UVB from Arcadia. Others have T8 Reptisun 10.0 bulbs. Both are great choices and can be found here on our website. 

Happy Bearded Dragon - Cliffhanger Reptiles

Many breeders often forget about keeping top-notch air quality in their facilities. As a result, we've installed an industry-standard air purification system in addition to numerous circulation fans around our facility. Our enclosures sit on risers that house the temperature control units, which makes cleaning simple. The facility has a concrete floor, which we regularly steam to keep the room clean. 

Most of our active breeders are housed in groups of three (one male with two females). We've contemplated cohousing our bearded dragons, and we don't recommend it for beginners. However, we feel that it provides the best results if one has experience. Cohousing allows for multiple copulation points. We find that this reduces egg-binding and keeps all animals eating regularly. This also increases fertility and ultimately keeps the female healthier. We cycle males through females with active days and rest days.  

Female groups are house in 4' by 2' enclosures, while single males are kept in 3' by 2' enclosures. We have several external lay bins for eggs and two large incubators. When hatched, babies start their life journey in a rack system, which keeps them out of harm's way. As they grow, we transition them to a PVC enclosure, similar to what the future owner could use. This allows our babies and juveniles to adapt to this type of home before shipping. Our facility also has a separate brumation room, which allows us to control the breeding season. 

Unfortunately, for insurance compliance, our facility is not open for tours.