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Learn Bearded Dragon Care

Bearded dragons (Pogona vitticeps) make fantastic pets. However, these fun little creatures require care and attention. Because reptiles are vastly different from mammals, caretakers often get confused. Cliffhanger Reptiles has developed an engaging, comprehensive source of information. Everything one needs to know about bearded dragon care can be found on our Care Central page - made by beardie lovers, for beardie lovers!


Key Concepts :

  • Younger bearded dragons require mostly live food, such as crickets, super worms, and dubia roaches. These should be offered with leafy greens. 
  • Older bearded dragons should eat mostly leafy greens and veggies, while supplementing this diet with live protein. 
  • Bearded dragons require calcium and multivitamin supplementation. 


Key Concepts :

  • Bearded dragons live in small 40-50 gallon enclosures. Typically, an enclosure with less glass is preferred to reduce stress. 
  • A heat lamp is required to keep the temperature on the warm side of the enclosure between 100-105 degrees. The cool side of the enclosure should dip below 85 degrees. 
  • A UVB light will also be required for your bearded dragon so that they can get adequate nutrients from the Sun. 

Routine Care

Key Concepts :

  • It is important to spot clean a bearded dragon enclosure daily with a proper disinfectant. 
  • A coccidial disinfectant should be used to clean the entire enclosure weekly.
  • Bearded dragons do not require any preventative treatment of vaccinations from veterinarians. One may opt to get routine check-ups, but this is not required.