A bearded dragon breeder like no other.

Welcome to Cliffhanger Reptiles.

Not sure we're the best? Let's see why we are...


When it comes down to it, we are animal lovers. Our principal goal is to produce happy and healthy bearded dragons. As a result of our vast experience, our genetics are strong. Our breeder lineup is hearty. Our customer service is exemplary.  


Cliffhanger Reptiles is renowned for its excellent assistance regardless of the purchase date. We do more for you. We said we cared about the animal, and we meant it. Though it is hard to prove, our love for these beardies never wanes - even after they arrive at your home. Therefore, we are dedicated to providing the best support ever… always.

We Do The Impossible.

We breed animals that are simply breathtaking. Yes, all our lines are astounding, from “Orange Creamsicle” to “Alaskan Frost.” But have you ever seen a green bearded dragon? We didn't think so. Cliffhanger Reptiles produced the first green bearded dragon that retained its green color into adulthood, and, to the world’s amazement, he produced green offspring in 2019. This is just one of many ways we are revamping the industry.


Our bearded dragon story and processes are far more intricate, strenuous, and personalized than what meets the eye. We began breeding bearded dragons shortly after we purchased our first pet. Less than three months after we hatched our first dragons, we had produced nearly 200 more eggs. This was the mere beginning of our colony of high-end animals.


Reptile popularity has changed so much over the years, and bearded dragons have always been growing in popularity. We began our work at a gradual pace, adding breeders little by little, season after season. Today, we proudly produce unparalleled animals - in color, genetics, and health. We are proud to be one of the top American breeders.


We are committed not only to bringing you the best bearded dragons we can produce, but also the best information about health and care.

Our Team

Say hello to a few of our key team members.


Blake is our bearded dragon expert. He has studied the health of bearded dragons. After founding Cliffhanger Reptiles, he went on to institute Cliffhanger Reseach Labs, an organization designed to research reptile health.  


Meet Mark, our facility director. It is Mark's responsibility to make sure each reptile in our facility is receiving proper care and treatment. This means that he is always in tune with the colony's needs. 


Becky is our quality assurance guru. She helps make Cliffhanger Reptiles even better every day. From day-to-day tasks, such as customer interaction, to big picture topics like future breeding projects, Becky handles it all.


Ashley is our customer care specialist. She works with customers when it is their first time getting a bearded dragon. She teaches them about the care and upbringing of their new pet. She shows everyone that best friends really can have scales! 


Devesh is our outstanding content and publicity director. He develops and refines the website and care materials to maintain our position as the #1 source of bearded dragon information on the web. 


Aaron is our shipping manager. He puts a great amount of care into the booking and tracking of each shipment. He ensures that each customer is advised before and after shipping.


From humble beginnings as a home breeder to dominating the industry and changing the lives of many owners, Cliffhanger Reptiles holds a steadfast opinion: bearded dragons are America's best reptile pet.