Under $150

All of us here at Cliffhanger Reptiles have a goal of producing high-end bearded dragons that are both healthy and genetically robust. To keep up with the industry, we breed amazingly colorful dragons, which are often expensive.  Consequently, many customers then turn to big-box pet stores. To say the least, these pet-store beardies aren't nearly as healthy.

We have a solution! Although bearded dragons are already one of the most popular pets in the United States, we are still doing everything we can to increase accessibility. In order to allow customers with a lower budget to purchase from a breeder, Cliffhanger Reptiles sells bearded dragons that are just as healthy for an inexpensive cost. Like all others, these dragons are healthy, happy, and waiting for their forever home. They are sold sight-unseen (i.e. no photos provided), with a live arrival and standard health guarantee. 

Check out the options below, and contact us if you have any questions. 

Sorry, it looks like all of these dragons have found homes. Check back soon!