Sight-Unseen Bearded Dragons Under $150

Baby Bearded Dragon


Shipping is a flat-rate of $45 for all locations in the contiguous United States. Here at Cliffhanger Reptiles, we ship animals overnight on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, allowing for Wednesday or Thursday morning deliveries. As always, live animal arrival is guaranteed. We are not able to hold sight-unseen bearded dragons. 

We will reach out to schedule shipping after your order is processed, which can take up to 48 hours. If you live in a rural area, a pickup at your local FedEx Ship Center may be suggested. 

Since we take extreme care in shipping bearded dragons and pride ourselves on having 100% live arrivals, we reserve the right to postpone a shipment if there is an increase in delays or inadequate weather. We will update you via email at all times.

Stalwart Guarantees

  • Best Health Guarantee in The Industry

  • Live Arrival Guaranteed 


Bearded dragons make awesome pets. Looking to get a high-end bearded dragon without spending a fortune? We are proud to offer animals sight-unseen for under $150. This is a great way to get a genetically robust bearded dragon at an affordable (and fairly unbeatable) price.

Product Details

The Typical Sight-Unseen Dragon: A baby male or female that is around 6 inches long and just over 5 grams. Like all others, these dragons have high-end genetics and a budding friendly disposition (yes, even at this young). They would (in our super biased opinion) make an incredible pet!  

These dragons maybe citrus, red, or other color variants. They may also be hypo or translucent. Due to the intricate processes of bearded dragon sexing, we can not offer an unconditional sex guarantee on this animal (or let the buyer choose). You should be able to sex your bearded dragon with ease about 8 weeks after they arrive at your home. 

Photos listed will not match the animal shipped. Why?

At Cliffhanger Reptiles, we are known for producing animals with the best colors and genetics. However, listing each animal individually requires a significant amount of time. To offer dragons at lower prices, we've eliminated this step. The animal you receive will be just as happy and healthy as all of the others. Plus, who doesn't like a little surprise? 

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