The Best Reasons to Purchase Bearded Dragons from a Breeder

The Best Reasons to Purchase Bearded Dragons from a Breeder

INFORMATIVE — There are a lot of reasons to purchase bearded dragons from a breeder. In this blog post, we will discuss the top five reasons why breeders are the best option for finding healthy, happy dragons.

First and foremost, breeders are experts in their field and know how to care for these animals properly. They also have access to the best genetics, which means that you are more likely to get a healthy dragon from a breeder than from a pet store.

Second, pet store dragons tend to have been born in unhealthy conditions and so they may lack the resiliency that is necessary for surviving in a new environment. This means that these animals are more likely to die prematurely or be sickly than those who were born and raised by a breeder who knows how best to care for them.

Third, when you purchase a dragon from a breeder, you are supporting a small business. This is important because it helps to keep the industry alive and allows breeders to continue to provide healthy animals for sale.

Fourth, buying from a breeder ensures that you are getting an animal that has been properly socialized. By interacting with their siblings (and more importantly, their caretakers), dragons from breeders are more likely to be tame and calm when they come to live with you.

Finally, breeders typically have a much wider variety of colors and patterns available than pet stores do. This means that you can find the perfect dragon for your needs – whether you are looking for something specific or just want a new family friend.

The Key Message

If you’re looking for a bearded dragon, don't buy from pet stores. Buying your new friend from a breeder is the best way to ensure that they're healthy and happy! Cliffhanger Reptiles is an excellent choice of breeders because we take pride in our work and know how important it is for every animal to be treated with love and care before finding its perfect home. Find out why buying bearded dragons from us will make all the difference by contacting us today!

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